Programmable Breadboard (PBB)

イベント出展情報 / Event information

今後の予定 / Future exhibit plans

過去の出展情報 / Exhibited in the past

Programmable Breadboardのご紹介(リーフレット) / Introduction about "Programmable Breadboard" by leaflet


リーフレット(pdf) / Leaflet(pdf) in Japanese

Programmable Breadboardのご紹介(動画) / Introduction about "Programmable Breadboard" by movie

以下の紹介動画をご覧ください。よろしければ、YouTubeのProgrammable Breadboardチャンネル登録もいただけますと有り難いです。 / These are the movies about what the Programmable Breadboard is. Also, we're very happy if you subscribe to our Youtube Programmable Breadboard channel.

Programmble Breadboardコンセプトムービー / The concept of Programmable Breadboard.

PBBでLチカ / To do LED blinking with PBB.

Programmable Breadboardで真空管回路を作成してみた! / Created modern vacuum tube circuit with PBB.

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